Urgenci Ostrava Steering Committee


In April the Urgenci Ostrava Steering Committee met to prepare the 3rd European Meeting on Community Supported Agriculture. It is a prelude to the topics of sustainable production and consumption at the Nyéléni 2 meeting that will be held just over a month later in October in Cluj-Napoca Romania. The Urgenci meeting is scheduled to take place 16th-18th September in the old steel and coal works in Ostrava, part of which have been amazingly renovated into a cultural and conference centre.

We collectively managed to design the programme, decide on the rooms we will need, and even organise the interpretation with alternative equipment and support from our interpreter friends from across Europe!

It’s going to be an exciting event, for many reasons, and will also help to contribute to for the Nyéléni Europe 2 Forum that will happen in Cluj Napoca, Romania at the end of October…

It’s going to be a busy Autumn!